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Vulnerability Assessment

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

Assesses the extent to which a community is vulnerable to adverse impacts from flooding resulting from:
1. Increased frequency and duration of rainfall events
2. Storm surge from more frequent and severe weather systems
3. Sea level rise
Such adverse impacts pose economic, social, environmental, and public health and safety challenges to the state.

Why do a Vulnerability Assessment?

Florida Statute 380.093

1. Resilience Planning and Data Collection
2. Vulnerability Assessments
3. Studies to reduce the impact of flooding and sea level rise

Opportunities for Input

The Town of Indian River Shores conducted a Town-wide Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment Outreach Meeting on December 12, 2023 at the Town Hall. Click here for the power point presentation offered by the Town's Coastal Engineer, Steve Boehning.
As a part of the Vulnerability Assessment, we are encouraging residents of Indian River Shores to participate in the process. Please fill out the brief survey below and leave a comment if you would like to bring our attention to any concerns, areas of historical flooding, or future projects that may increase the Town’s resilience.
Furthermore, you can forward any questions, comments, or input to

Email Survey

Please click the like below which will allow you two answer two questions and submit additional comments on The Town of Indian River Shores vulnerabilities. Please note that this email will be sent to our partner Coastal Waterways Design & Engineering LLC for processing. This email account is not monitored by town personnel.
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