Residents Safety Alerts

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Please, for your safety, make sure you have enabled either the Town's Public Safety Department (PSD) "Code Red" Alerts found at the bottom of the main page, or IRC Emergency Management text alerts via this link. The PSD Code Red alerts (not Town News Alerts) may be issued for a missing person, a safety concern, a weather-related event, or for an important newsworthy item. The County's Alert Indian River system covers a broader area as an informational update service for all residents of the County.

For storm debris clean-up, consult your HOA, lawn care company or if you have Republic Service yard waste service, click here.

Keep storm drains clear of debris all year long! Make sure no leaves, sticks or other matter is blown or swept into the gutters or curbing.

Hurricane Information

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During hurricane season, June 1 through November 30, we urge our residents to be aware of possible and impending storms that may impact our area.

Please stay tuned by CodeRed Alerts (scroll to the bottom of the page to enroll), Indian River County alerts, and weather stations.

The National Hurricane Center website shows active Atlantic tropical cyclones & disturbances and the 5-day latest tracking maps.

Names for the 2021 season are italicized once they have been identified:

Ana (E. Atlantic, TS, May)
Bill (NE Atlantic, TS, June)
Claudette (Gulf, TS, June)
Danny (S. Carolina, TS, June)
Elsa (W/NE FL, Hurricane & TS, July)
Fred (FL Panhandle Cape San Blas, TS, Aug.)
Grace (Mexico, Hurricane, Aug.)
Henri (Mid-Atlantic, TS, Aug.)
Ida (Gulf, TS/Hurricane, Aug.)

Julian (NE Atlantic, TS, Aug.)
Kate (Mid-Atlantic, TS, Aug.)
Larry (Mid-Atlantic, Hurricane, Sep.)
Mindy (Gulf, TD, Sep.)
Nicholas (Gulf-TX, Hurricane, Sep.)
Odette (Mid-Atlantic, TS, Sep.)
Peter (Mid-Atlantic, TS, Sep.)
Rose (Mid-Atlantic, TS, Sep.)
Sam (Atlantic, Hurricane, Sep.)

Teresa (Gulf, Sub-Tropical, Sep.)
Victor (Gulf, TS, Sep.)
Wanda (Mid-Atlantic, TS, Nov.)

Once the above names have
been declared, the list will
begin again with "a-z" names

For last year, we had one storm (Ida) that was a tropical system with a minor impact, although many appeared to be threatening at one time or another! You can view the 2020 tropical storm and hurricane information is at this link.

RESIDENTS ARE ADVISED to stay alert. To check current status, follow any of the National links below.

Please click here for a guide to prepare for, stay safe during, and recover after a storm or other hazardous event.

Click here to see if you are in a flood zone. It is the 2012 FEMA map, as the latest has not been finalized. (All of the barrier island is Zone A evacuation zone)

Other Emergency Resources: Local