Public Notification of Reclaimed Water

What Is Reclaimed Water?

Reclaimed water supplied by the City of Vero Beach is produced at the City's Water Reclamation Facility. It is wastewater that has been treated using an advanced treatment process and high level disinfection to meet strict Federal and State standards. The City warrants that the reclaimed water it provides meets applicable Florida Department of Environmental Protection and US Environmental Protection Agency standards for golf course and typical landscape irrigation use. The nature and specific characteristics of the reclaimed water are available upon request from the Water and Sewer Department.

Using Reclaimed Water Safely

Each user is responsible for using reclaimed water in a manner that is consistent with State and Federal regulations. This includes taking all reasonable precautions to prevent the use of reclaimed water as drinking water. As a user, you must insure there are no cross-connections with any drinking water system and must install "Back Flow Prevention Devices" which will prevent backflow of reclaimed water from your irrigation system(s) into the drinking water system. A copy of the City's Cross-Connection Control Program is available upon request from the Customer Service Department or the Water and Sewer Department. Each user must also maintain their irrigation systems in good working and serviceable condition at all times. Any required repairs or operating changes must be made within a reasonable period of time so as not to cause violations of Federal, State or local regulatory agency rules, codes and ordinances.

Limitations on the Use of Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water must not be used for drinking or bathing. Please note that this includes prohibiting the use of reclaimed water for filling swimming pools, hot tubs, or wading pools. Should you have any questions concerning the use of reclaimed water please contact the Water & Sewer Department at (772) 978-5220. If you would like a copy of Rule 62-610, F.A.C., which covers the reuse of reclaimed water, please call the Water & Sewer Department. Information on the reuse of reclaimed water can also be found on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection website: Florida's Reuse Program.