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Florida traffic law reminders.

  • Fun fact: Did you know since 1998 it’s been officially correct to use Indian River Shores as your city on your mailing address? We still see many using Vero Beach! If writing Indian River Shores is too long, try abbreviating it as IR Shores. It’s the Zip Code that gets it here correctly, and the Post Office mail carriers and sorters know where we are. By the way, the "official USPS" abbreviation is Indn Riv Shrs ... would you have ever guessed that? Feel free to use that if you prefer.
  • When driving in rain, keep yourself and other drivers safe: Wipers on - lights on!
  • If an emergency vehicle has someone pulled over, it's mandatory to move to the other lane on a 4-lane road or slow down 20 mph below the posted speed limit when passing. Failure to do so could result in a fine and points on your license. Pedestrians walk on the left facing traffic (if no sidewalk) - bicycles ride on the right (with traffic).
  • You may turn right on red at a signal light after a complete stop if the traffic permits and it is not otherwise posted.

The anchor story.

What does A-1-A stand for? Florida A1A is a state road that runs from Callahan, just south of the Florida/Georgia state line, to Key West. The state named the north-south road State Road 1 in 1945, but because it was often confused with U.S. 1 west of the Intracoastal Waterway, the State Road Board changed the name to State Road A1A on Nov. 25, 1946. The two A's in the name are believed to stand for Atlantic (1) Alternate.

Public Beaches in Indian River Shores and photos of the beaches

Information from Florida Shore & Beach Preservation

Sea Turtle FAQ's from Indian River County website.

Identifying sea turtle crawl tracks and about sea turtles in general from Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission website.

See Injured Wildlife? Indian River County Animal Control can help! Call (772) 226-3485 or (772) 226-3486 during 8:30-5, M-F hours.

Council Biographies

Cemetery Information. The tiny 2-acre John's Island Cemetery was deeded to the ToJohn's Island Cemeterywn in 1972. The opportunities for burial here often depend on plots being sold back to the Town. Only residents of the Town may purchase a deed when they are available directly from the Town Clerk's office; however, a private transfer of deed between a resident and others who may not be Town residents is allowed.

Census Bureau Statistics

Elected and Appointed Officials Historical Transition

Town History (written in 1989, edited 2004 for clarity).

Recycling Information for residents in Indian River County, including the Town of Indian River Shores.

Residency Requirements, Property Tax Exemptions and Homestead Exemption Information

About cities in Florida (Florida Civics 101).

  • How Big is Florida? The Town of Indian River Shores is located almost in the center of the East coast, 248 miles south of Fernandina Beach, the northernmost city at the Georgia border, and 198 miles north of Key Largo, first city on the Overseas Highway to Key West. To cross the state to the West coast, it is 168 miles to Clearwater. The Capitol, Tallahassee, is 360 miles northwest, and Pensacola, the westernmost city, is 560 miles.
  • Compared to California's Long Coastline. To travel by road from Pensacola to Key West is 832 miles, while the State of California is 884 miles from Border Field State Park at Mexico's border to Pelican State Beach at Oregon's border!

Rules for Watering lawns. The Town falls under the management of the St. Johns River Water Management District, Some neighborhoods use reclaimed water for lawn irrigation, which is an exception to the restrictions. In Indian River County, the following rules generally apply. Please call 800-232-0904 for more detailed information.

  • Odd-number addresses: Wednesday & Saturday (only Saturday from Nov. 1 - DST)
  • Even-number addresses: Thursday and Sunday (only Sunday from Nov. 1 - DST)
  • Non-residential addresses: Tuesdays (same day all year)
  • No watering: Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Rules apply to: Water utility providers, private wells, lakes, canals, ponds (see exceptions)

During non-daylight savings time (fall/winter), watering is only allowed once a week.

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Anchor at Town Hall
John's Island Cemetary
Mangrove Buckeye taken at Bee Gum Point
 Hibiscus with bee taken 2018-1-8
Native Orchid in Oak Tree taken  2014-6-5
Beachcomber access sunny beach day 2017-7-26
Kayaker by Jones Pier
Orange & Blue Sunrise reflecting on sand
Warm orange sunrise with sea oats
turtle tracks in the sand
Crossover sunny beach at Beachcomber
Indian River Lagoon at Fred Tuerk Drive
Beachcomber pink and blue violet sunrise
Beachcomber pink and blue violet sunrise
Pelican flying low over breaking wave
Pileated Woodpecker outside Town Hall offices
Wild orchid in tree near Town Hall
Soft sunrise at the beach
Town Hall
IR Lagoon at Fred Tuerk Drive
Soft sunrise at the beach
SW View of Community Center
Huge Oak Tree in John's Island Cemetery
Shuttle Endeavor Final Launch 5-6-11
USG Marker at old bridge head
Public Safety Department
African Iris at Town Hall
Full Moonrise over the Ocean
Municipal Complex Sign
South Town Marker