How do I request a Change of Address or Hold Mail order?

See the staff in the Postal Center to have a form completed, 9-4 M-F or a US Post Office (branch on Cardinal Drive or Main Post Office at 2050 13th Avenue).

Is it acceptable to use Indian River Shores in my address instead of Vero Beach as my city?

Yes, please click here. it's the preferred address.


Elder Fraud

Where can I go to learn more about preventing Elder Fraud?

This link was provided by our Public Safety Director as a good guide to detect fraud schemes that are often used to target the elderly.

Paying a Ticket

Where do I go to pay a (traffic) ticket?

Indian River County Clerk of Court, 2000 16th Avenue. Call (772) 770-5185 for more information.


Fed Ex

Where is a FedEx drop box?

At the Oak Point office building 5070 SR A1A, next to CVS drug store, north east corner (at the back left when facing the building).


Where's the nearest library?

Indian River County Main Library is at 1600 21st St., Phone: (772) 770-5060. The North County Library is in Sebastian, 1001 County Road 512, Phone: (772) 589-1355. Near the Home Depot on 58th Avenue is the Brackett Library on the campus of Indian River State College at 6155 College Lane, 226-3080


Who do we talk to about mosquito control?

The IR Mosquito Control District office is located at 5655 41st Street just north of Vero Beach. Their phone number is (772) 562-2393 or by e-mail at irmcd@irmosquito2.org.


Is there a Notary Public at Town Hall?

Yes, in the Town Clerk's office, Building Department, or Treasurer's office.

Official Records

How do I get a birth certificate, Marriage License or Passport?

See IRC Clerk of Court (click here) or visit the Courthouse, 2000 16th Avenue , Vero Beach .... call (772) 770-5185 passport link here marriage license here


Are licenses required? How do I get one?

From Indian River County Animal Control, 4305 43rd Ave. #102 B, (772) 226-3486, or the Humane Society at 6230 77th St.

Do people have to pick up feces their pet deposits?

Yes, see Article II, Section 90.10 - 90.16 about dogs.

Are leashes required?

Yes, see Section 90.10.

Public Records

Who can I contact about obtaining a public record from the Town?

Please see the Doing Business tab on this website.


Where can I take my outdated or unwanted prescription drugs?

The Sheriff’s Office provides this service at 4055 41st Avenue, Vero Beach, M-F.


Where do I obtain car tags, concealed weapon permit or driver's license, fishing license or pay my taxes?

Information on obtaining licenses and paying taxes are found here.


How do I contact the recycle or garbage collector?

Republic Services number is (772) 562-6620, press 2 for Customer Service or press 3 and option 1 for Pay by Phone. Much more general information is found on this page.

Who do I contact for street light outage?

Call the City of Vero Beach Electric Utility, (772) 978-5400. Or contact FPL online from Old Winter Beach Road north.

How do I get rid of hazardous waste, such as paint cans?

Indian River County Landfills accept them. Click here for details.



Can we have a bonfire on the beach?

No, Sec. 91.07. - Burning debris on ocean beaches. Whenever debris accumulates on ocean beaches to the extent said debris causes a nuisance or hazard to health, the department of public safety may issue a permit to burn on the beach over a consecutive three-day period. A charge for issuing a burn permit under this section shall be the same as a one-day burning permit as established by the town. Burnings under this section may not take place within 250 feet of a residence or other structure. Cross reference— Prohibited activities on beaches, § 91.31; fires and parks and recreational facilities, § 95.03(A)(4).

Can I have a fire pit or a bonfire on the beach?

No, the Indian River County Code 205.03 (4) Fire. No person shall ignite, set or maintain any fire for cooking or any other purpose in any park or recreational facility unless such fire is within a designated receptacle and area for such purpose. Also 161.19, (E) (3) Town Code prohibits campfires that would disrupt turtle activities between March 1 and October 31.

Can I walk my dog on the beach?

Yes, but only with a leash on the dog. Sec. 90.10. - Leash and collar and tag required. All dogs within the town shall be kept within a house or other structure or behind a good and sufficient fence. Any dog removed from a house, structure, or from behind a sufficient fence shall be kept on a leash. All dogs within the town shall have a collar and tag indicating the name and address of the owner of the dog. IMPORTANT: Please be considerate of other folks who may not want your dog near them. Pet owners are required to pick up feces when deposited.

Are weddings or parties allowed on the beach?

Indian River County regulates the beaches and access points within the Town, and does allow smaller (under 100 participants) weddings on the beach with no permit. Please remember that access gates are locked at sunset.

What to do in regards to sea turtle nesting, viewing, hatching, and lighting?

(Click here or go to the AMENITIES tab - Drop down to - About Sea Turtles and Beaches on this website)

Is alcohol/drinking allowed on the beach?

No. Sec. 130.03. - Open containers of alcoholic beverages prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to possess or consume any alcoholic beverage in any cup, glass, or open can or other open or unsealed container on the streets, sidewalks, alleys, or parks within the town. This provision specifically includes all occupants of motor vehicles.

Garage Sales

Does the Town allow garage sales?

The Town does not issue permits for garage sales. Gated communities have their interior regulations, and there are no signs permitted to be placed on right-of-ways along A1A.

Gas Grills

Am I allowed to have a gas grill on my balcony?

According to the National Fire Protection Association standards by which that the Town abides, states that "no hibachi, grill or other similar devices used for cooking, heating or any other purpose shall be used or kindled on any balcony, under any overhanging portion or within 10 ft (3 m) of any structure." states that for other than one and two family dwellings, no hibachi, grill or other similar devices used for cooking shall be stored on a balcony.


Is my neighborhood on reuse water for irrigation? Is this different than using City water?

Some neighorhoods are supplied with reuse water, sometimes called reclaimed wastewater or greywater from the water treatment facilities and is unsafe for drinking. It is much less expensive than using City water.


Is there a "quiet time" designated in the Town?

Yes, 10 p.m. - 7 a.m. is specified in Section 96.06 (1)(b).


Do I need a permit to (___)?

Please check this page for information on Building Permits.

Short Term Rentals

Are short term vacations rentals allowed in the Town?

These are not regulated by the Town. Neighborhoods have their own covenants, and the Town prohibits on-street parking on our open streets. Noise and other restrictions may be researched in the Town's Code of Ordinances, or the Florida Statutes regulations, e.g. 509.032.


Where can I find regulations about signs?

For fast access, please click on this link for Chapter 164 of the Land Development Code (LDC). No signs are allowed in the FDoT right of way (must be behind the overhead power lines). Election signs or real estate signs are among others also covered in that chapter.


Are trucks allowed to park outside overnight?

No, they must be inside the garage. Please read this section 161.01 of the Land Development Code

Is my RV/Boat/Camper allowed in my driveway or yard?

No, they must be out of sight between 7 pm and 7 am, as stated in 161.01 in the LDC.

Are vehicles allowed to park on the streets?

Please refer to Chapter 71, Parking.

Other Rules


How low can I cut my sea grapes?

Please see DEP Sea Grape Trimming Guidelines (2009 from the Town’s website. The University of Florida article 2015 (also references link to article about Vero Beach homeowner fined $15,000 for trimming sea grapes). And finally, under the FL Statutes - Sea Grapes and Sea Oats are Protected.