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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dear Town Multi-Family Property Manager/Homeowner Association:

For the past 13 years, the Town of Indian River Shores has authorized Republic Services to provide trash, recycling and yard waste collection to all Town residential dwellings as part of an exclusive franchise agreement. The agreement allows the Town to assure the high level of service demanded by our residents, and helps maintain the overall aesthetics that are so important in our community. The Town Council recently undertook a competitive procurement process to secure these vital solid waste collection services for our residents and businesses. This process enabled the Town to confirm that trash and recycling collection services will remain at the high standards we expect, while creating a significantly more transparent and equitable rate structure compared to the previous franchise agreement. Republic Services was selected by the Council. Although the new service will officially begin on January I. 2018, there will be no changes or interruptions to your established collection schedule. However. there is a new rate structure for these services. Republic Services will be contacting each HOA to verify the level of service desired and will need to update your billing records. Please see the attached summary of the new rates. This summary explains the new rates based on the specific size solid waste containers, frequency of service, and roll-out distance. Republic Services will continue to bill you as they have according to the rates from this sheet. The Town will also post these rates on its website for future reference. If you have any questions about your current collection services, the Town recommends you first contact your property manager who can contact Republic directly, or you may call Republic Services Customer Service at (772) 562-6620. For questions about the Town's franchise agreement or the procurement process, you may contact the ofce of the Town Manager at (772) 231-1771. Also, the Town’s initial efforts to obtain bids for the recycling collection resulted in unacceptable pricing. Therefore, the Town Council has requested a 4-month extension (January I. 2018 to April 30, 2018) for recycling collection by Republic Services while the Town re-bids the recycling collection services. The recycling rates during the extension period are included in the rate sheet attached. On behalf of the Town Council, I would like to thank all of our residents who help make Indian River Shores Florida’s premier residential community.

Thank you for your cooperation and awareness of this update.

Brian M. Barefoot, Mayor

Pricing table for refuse collection
Container Size 1x Week ($/Mo) 2x Week ($/Mo) 3x Week ($/Mo) 4x Week ($/Mo) 5x Week ($/Mo) 6x Week ($/Mo)
95 Gallon $25.00 $50.00 $75.00 $100.00 $125.00 $150.00
1 YD $27.06 $54.13 $81.19 $108.25 $135.31 $162.38
2 YD $54.13 $108.25 $162.38 $216.50 $270.63 $324.75
3 YD $81.19 $162.38 $243.56 $324.75 $405.94 $487.13
4 YD $108.25 $216.50 $324.75 $433.00 $541.25 $649.50
6 YD $162.38 $324.75 $487.13 $649.50 $811.88 $974.25
8 YD $216.50 $433.00 $649.50 $866.00 $1,802.50 $1,299.00
Refuse collection rental and additional fees
Container Size Monthly Container Rental Extra Pick Up Charge ($/Per Pickup) Container Roll Out Fee – Per Occurrence (10 ft to 50 ft) Container Roll Out Fee – Per Occurrence (greater than 50 ft)
95 Gallon $0.00 $5.78 $1.84 $3.68
1 YD $20.00 $6.25 $1.84 $3.68
2 YD $21.00 $12.50 $1.84 $3.68
3 YD $22.00 $18.75 $1.84 $3.68
4 YD $23.00 $25.00 $1.84 $3.68
6 YD $25.00 $37.50 N/A N/A
8 YD $27.00 $50.00 N/A N/A

Solid Waste Example: Condominium with three (3) two-yard (2 yd) waste containers, twice/week collection, with a roll-out greater than 50’ would be charged as follows

3 containers @ $108.25 = $324.75/mo +
3 (2 yd) container rentals @ $21/mo = $63/mo +
3 (2 yd) container roll-outs @ $3.68 roll-out fee per occurrence (4.33 weeks per month *2
collections per week) = $95.61/mo
Total monthly charge = $483.36/mo or $1450.08 billed quarterly

Recycling Example: Condominium with twelve (12) 95 gallon recycle carts with a roll-out of less than 50’ would be charged as follows

Recycling Cart Pricing
Container Size 1x Week (&dollar/Mo)
Recycling Cart (64 or 95 gal) $25

12 recycling carts @ $25 = $300/mo + 12 roll-outs (10-50 ft distance) @ $1.84 roll-out fee per occurrence (4.33 weeks per month) = $95.61/mo
Total monthly charge = $395.61/mo or $1 186.83 billed quarterly


  • The 4.33 weeks per month is calculated by dividing the 52 weeks in one year by 12 months.
  • For recycling, please be aware that rates may convert from a per cart basis to a per dwelling unit basis in 2018.

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  • Dogs Off-Leash On the Beach - The Council approved the first reading of an ordinance which would allow registered dogs on beaches within the Town within specified hours to be off-leash and under their owner's control. The hours being recommended are sunrise until 9 am and 5 pm until sunset. The second reading of the ordinance, which is the soonest the law would go into effect, is scheduled for June 27th. Part of the procedure is a licensing process for this activity to be regulated by the Public Safety Department.
  • The Pedestrian Crosswalk/Traffic Signal at Fred Tuerk/Beachcomber Lane is active as of 9 am, June 3rd. Please use caution at this intersection, as it is an on-demand light. This was recommended for safe crossing by the Florida Dept. of Transportation.
  • Did you know a new County Satellite office for the Clerk of Court, Tax Collector and Property Appraiser is opening at 3003 Cardinal Drive, Suite C? The media and public are welcomed to tour at 10 am Friday, June 7th. This is for the convenience for the oceanside residents rather than driving to the airport area main complex.
  • Beware of phishing! Please read this article from your Chief of Public Safety.
  • The FDoT Project Manager for the repaving of A1A from just outside the south border to just above County Road 510 is Donovan Pessoa at or call (954) 777-4442. This will include widening the bike lanes, and also a lowered speed limit to 45 from 50. It should be in process soon.
  • The Verizon array for the top tier on the cell tower is installed and is expected to be functional possibly before summer. Residents are encouraged to submit a work order with their carrier if the signal is not better.
  • The newly rebuilt Community Center is complete with the exception of landscaping and parking. Reservations will not be accepted until those are completed, the rates have been set and policies/procedures for rental have been established.
  • Watering restrictions using City water (non-reuse) limits lawn sprinklers based on Daylight Savings Time changes, twice a week in spring/summer, once a week in fall/winter. Please find detailed information on the Utility Information page of our website.
  • Turtle nesting season runs from March 1 and continues through October 31. Please see this page with details.
  • Please click here to sign up for Town news alerts! For hurricane and Public Safety Alerts, sign up for Code Red at the bottom of the Indian River Shores Public Safety Department's Home page (scroll to the bottom).
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