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Monday, January 1, 2018

Indian River Shores Public Safety

From Public Safety Director Rosell

Indian River Shores Police

Globally, cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication at an exponential rate. In our ongoing
effort to enhance the security our residents, we want to highlight a common cyber-attack that everyone should
be aware of. That attack is called phishing.

"Phishing" is one of the most common forms of cyber-attacks. Phishing attacks can take many forms, but they
all share a common goal – defrauding a person or company out of sensitive information ( e.g. login credentials,
credit card information, etc.) or goods and services. Phishers are now even going to the extent of impersonating
Federal, State, and Local government entities in an effort to increase the efficacy of their attacks. By
impersonating a government agency, or one of their representatives, the phisher is able to leverage the name
and the authority associated with the name to lure in additional victims that would otherwise have ignored the
phishing attempt.

We’ve outlined a few different types of phishing attacks to watch out for:

  • Deceptive Phishing: In this type of attack, hackers impersonate a real company to obtain your login
    credentials. You may receive an e-mail asking you to verify your account details with a link that takes
    you to an imposter login screen that delivers your information directly to the attackers.
  • Spear Phishing: Spear phishing is a more sophisticated phishing attack that includes customized
    information that makes the attacker seem like a legitimate source. They may use your name and phone
    number and refer to [COMPANY NAME] in the e-mail to trick you into thinking they have a connection
    to you, making you more likely to click a link or attachment that they provide.
  • Whaling: Whaling is a popular ploy aimed at getting you to transfer money or send sensitive
    information to an attacker via email by impersonating a real company executive. Using a fake domain
    that appears similar to a legitimate business, they look like normal emails from a high-level official of
    the company, typically the CEO or CFO, and ask you for sensitive information (including usernames
    and passwords).
  • Shared Document Phishing: You may receive an e-mail that appears to come from file-sharing sites
    like Dropbox or Google Drive alerting you that a document has been shared with you. The link provided
    in these e-mails will take you to a fake login page that mimics the real login page and will steal your
    account credentials.

The following industry best practices can help you avoid these phishing schemes, but also be sure to follow
your organization’s policies and procedures regarding email and cyber security:

  • Do not click on links or attachments from senders that you do not recognize. Be especially wary of
    .zip or other compressed or executable file types.
  • Do not provide sensitive personal information (like usernames and passwords) over email.
  • Watch for email senders that use suspicious or misleading domain names and be familiar with how
    agencies release solicitation opportunities.
  • Inspect URLs carefully to make sure they’re legitimate and not imposter sites.
  • Do not try to open any shared document that you’re not expecting to receive.
  • When replying to an email, ensure the TO: address in the reply email matches the email address of
    your intended recipient.

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  • Dogs Off-Leash On the Beach - The Council approved the first reading of an ordinance which would allow registered dogs on beaches within the Town within specified hours to be off-leash and under their owner's control. The hours being recommended are sunrise until 9 am and 5 pm until sunset. The second reading of the ordinance, which is the soonest the law would go into effect, is scheduled for June 27th. Part of the procedure is a licensing process for this activity to be regulated by the Public Safety Department.
  • The Pedestrian Crosswalk/Traffic Signal at Fred Tuerk/Beachcomber Lane is active as of 9 am, June 3rd. Please use caution at this intersection, as it is an on-demand light. This was recommended for safe crossing by the Florida Dept. of Transportation.
  • Did you know a new County Satellite office for the Clerk of Court, Tax Collector and Property Appraiser is opening at 3003 Cardinal Drive, Suite C? The media and public are welcomed to tour at 10 am Friday, June 7th. This is for the convenience for the oceanside residents rather than driving to the airport area main complex.
  • Beware of phishing! Please read this article from your Chief of Public Safety.
  • The FDoT Project Manager for the repaving of A1A from just outside the south border to just above County Road 510 is Donovan Pessoa at or call (954) 777-4442. This will include widening the bike lanes, and also a lowered speed limit to 45 from 50. It should be in process soon.
  • The Verizon array for the top tier on the cell tower is installed and is expected to be functional possibly before summer. Residents are encouraged to submit a work order with their carrier if the signal is not better.
  • The newly rebuilt Community Center is complete with the exception of landscaping and parking. Reservations will not be accepted until those are completed, the rates have been set and policies/procedures for rental have been established.
  • Watering restrictions using City water (non-reuse) limits lawn sprinklers based on Daylight Savings Time changes, twice a week in spring/summer, once a week in fall/winter. Please find detailed information on the Utility Information page of our website.
  • Turtle nesting season runs from March 1 and continues through October 31. Please see this page with details.
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