List of Town Committees and Boards

The Town of Indian River Shores has established the following Committees or Boards. Members are appointed by the Town Council to serve in these voluntary, non-paid positions. All official meetings of the Town are open to the public, with notice given via the Town website and bulletin board in addition to being published in the list of government meetings in the Press Journal. Board members are required to file Financial Disclosure forms in accordance with the
State of Florida Ethics Commission.

Planning, Zoning and Variance (PZV) Board

  • 5 members, 2 alternates appointed by the Town Council (Code of Ordinances, 30.30 & Ordinance
  • Permanent resident of the Town (Code, 30.30)
  • 2-year term (Code, 30.33) not to exceed 2 consecutive terms (6-26-02 Town Council motion *)
  • Meet on the 2nd Monday monthly prior to each Regular Town Council meeting (Code, 30.33 or as
  • Main focus: This decision-making Board works closely with the Building Official and planners to apply
    the Land Development Code and provisions contained in other Town Ordinances. This could include
    such matters relating to aesthetics, harmony and compatibility of architecture and design; landscaping;
    vehicular and pedestrian traffic within building projects; ensuring that the technical aspects of the
    Town Building Code are in place; and determining recommendations to the Town Council to approve or
    deny requests for relief from compliance with the Building Code due to special circumstances or
  • Absences: Board members with unexcused absences from 2 of 3 successive meetings are subject to
    removal from the Board by action of the Town Council. (*)
  • Current Members:
    • Chris Hendricks, Chairman
    • Barbara Palumbo, Vice Chairman
    • Linda Bolton, Member
    • Patty Gundy, Member
    • Matt Hutmaker, Member
    • Frantz Bertin, Alternate
    • Dorothy Merkle, Alternate

Code Enforcement Board (CEB) Ord. 396, FS 162

  • 5 members, 2 alternates (Code of Ordinances, 30.80)
  • Permanent resident of the Town
  • 3-year term not to exceed 2 terms (*)
  • Meets as needed (recent history: no meetings from 1995-2000, and one in 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005,
    and 2010.
  • Main focus. This decision-making Board meets when a violation of the Town Code has been through
    the PZV Board and was not remedied during the normal course of processing. The CEB has authority
    to levy fines and/or property liens.
  • Current Members:
    • OPEN, Chairman
    • Bill Beardslee, Member OPEN, Alternate
    • Bob Geeseman, Member OPEN, Alternate
    • Barbara Tilney, Member
    • Beverly Ford, Member

Pension Board 175/185 Florida Statutes 175.061 & 185.05

  • 5 members (1 Town police, 1 Town fire-medic, two Council appointees, 5th member chosen by these
  • Permanent resident of the Town
  • 2-year term
  • Meets quarterly
  • Main focus. This decision-making Board has fiduciary responsibility to make sure the trust fund is
    responsibly managed. It operates independent of the Town.
  • Current Members:
    • Bart Crosby, Chairman and Police Member
    • Rick Villars, Fire-Medic Member
    • Sam Carroll, Council-Appointed Member
    • Jerry Solin, Fifth Member Chosen by Other Four
    • OPEN, Council-Appointed Member

Finance Committee (Established 5-23-91 by the Town Council)

  • 2-year term
  • Meets as needed, with emphasis on budget planning. Must be available for meetings throughout the
    year, particularly the first three quarters (Jan. – Sep.).
  • Main focus. This advisory committee serves to assist the Council in matters relating to fiscal
    stewardship of taxpayer monies.
  • Current Members:
    • Jim Poole, Chairman
      OPEN, Member
    • Paul Johnson, Member
    • Randall D. Rogers, Member
    • Bill Cull, Member
    • Andrew Sowers, Alternate
    • Joanne Sardella, Alternate

Pension Board – Defined Benefit (General Employees)

  • The Town Council sits as this Board
  • Main focus. This decision-making Board has fiduciary responsibility to make sure the trust fund is
    responsibly managed.
  • Meets as needed, especially when setting contribution rates

Local Planning Agency

The PZV Board also is designated as the Local Planning Agency (Code, 30.32) which is required for the preparation of the Comprehensive Planning needs of the Town (Florida Statutes Section 163.3161 et seq.)

Building and Grounds Committee

This committee is currently inactive.


Indian River County
Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC):
The Town has a
representative, Nancy Auwaerter, appointed to this committee.

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC): George Sharpe
represents the Town on this committee.

School Board Citizen’s Oversight Committee (COC): Our representative on this committee is Jerry