2020 NPDES Update

What is it? The Town is part of the Indian River County Unified Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) agreement and this update is an annual requirement of the Nationwide Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and the Community Rating System (CRS) to inform our elected officials and Town residents of the status of our stormwater management system and plan and remind them of the importance of proper storm water management. A municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) is the Town-owned conveyance or system of conveyances (i.e., ditches, curbs, catch basins, underground pipes, etc.) that is used for collecting or conveying stormwater and that discharges to surface waters of the State. Our MS4 is operated and maintained by our Director of Public Works, Adam Brobst.

Why is it important? Urban stormwater continues to be a significant source of water pollution and public health concern. As communities continue to grow and develop their local economies, they look for sustainable and effective approaches to reduce these existing and emerging sources of pollution. The Town has been prioritizing actions related to stormwater management as part of capital improvement plans, integrated plans, master plans or other planning efforts to help reduce pollution into surface waters such as retention lakes and the Indian River Lagoon (IRL).

Stormwater management is a major and growing challenge statewide, with stormwater pollution, flooding and other impacts imposing serious impacts on water quality, public health and local economies. EPA recognizes the technical and financial challenges that communities face in appropriately addressing stormwater pollution. It is our goal to establish cost-effective, sustainable and holistic solutions that protect human health and our IRL natural resource. What are we doing about it? The Town has already taken steps to reduce pollution through several initiatives such as the purchase of the Lost Tree Islands in the early 2000’s, the installation of
the Generation II Nutrient Separating Baffle Box on Indian Lane, and the upcoming improvements to Old Winter Beach Road. Additional proposed projects have recently been added to the Central Indian River Lagoon Basin Management Action Plan or BMAP List and we will be searching for funding for those projects in the coming years.
What can the residents do to help? We would encourage our residents to report any flooding issues or if they see any sediment or vegetation entering, blocking or clogging any of our storm water drainage structures so that staff can eliminate the problem quickly.