Code of Ordinances

Recently Approved Ordinances which have not been codified are:

540 Rezoning 5-Acre Surfedge to PRD

538 Police-Fire Pension Board Term Change

536 NPDES Stormwater Erosion & Sedimentation Control

534 Amending LDC Table 160 Max height R2A

532 P-F Pension Add DROP Provision

529 Commercial Vehicle Parking

527 Amend Police Fire Defined Benefit Pension Plan Document*

(*Please click here for the 2016 Plan Doc)

525 Turtle Signs at Beach Access Points

523 Election Date and Charter Change

521 DC Pension Amendment Eligibility & Contribution w/Adopt Agreement

519 OPEB Retiree Health Insurance

517 Police-Firefighters Pension Plan Restated Plan Document

515 Qualifying Date for Council Set 2nd Mon. in Jan.

513 Fertilizer Use and Application

511 Amending General Employee DB Pension Plan

509 Flood Hazard Maps Development in Zones A-V

507 Firearms Change - Conform to State Law

504 Defined Benefit Pension Amendment

502 Landscaping Around Fences

495 LDC Comp Plan, School Concurrency

539 Noise Regulations

537 Mandatory Residential Recycling

535 Implementation of Water Conservation Rule SJRWMD

533 LDC Amendment to Clarify Medical Office Definition

531 Political/Election Signs

528 Small Scale Comp. Plan Development Amendment to Rezoning Town 5 Acre Property

526 Annexation of ½ East Portion of 5 Acre Vacant Land

524 Cell Tower Height

522 Land Development Code Update (click here for the entire Code)

520 Electric Utility Regulatory Ordinance

518 Dog Friendly Dining

516 Comp Plan Amendment Lot 1 Beachcomber Lane R1A to C1A

514 Gen EE DB Pension Clarify Final Pay Calculation

512 Amending General Employee DB Pension Plan

510 Parking, Keeping, Storing Trucks, Boats, & Trailers

508 Florida Friendly Fertilizer, Chapter 101 - Environment Added

506 Special Revenue Funds

503 Lot Clearing Exemption & Buffer

501 Communications Services Tax Increase

496 Flood Damage Prevention