Land Development Code & Comprehensive Plan

Nationally, you will find that most states, and therefore incorporated cities, require a comprehensive plan of some type. Each municipal government in Florida is required by Statute 163.3177 to have a Comprehensive Plan. The Town is in the process of updating theirs, which was last done in 1990. You may find it here in 3 parts:

163.3177 Required and optional elements of comprehensive plan; studies and surveys.—

(1) The comprehensive plan shall provide the principles, guidelines, standards, and strategies for the orderly and balanced future economic, social, physical, environmental, and fiscal development of the area that reflects community commitments to implement the plan and its elements. These principles and strategies shall guide future decisions in a consistent manner and shall contain programs and activities to ensure comprehensive plans are implemented. The sections of the comprehensive plan containing the principles and strategies, generally provided as goals, objectives, and policies, shall describe how the local government’s programs, activities, and land development regulations will be initiated, modified, or continued to implement the comprehensive plan in a consistent manner. It is not the intent of this part to require the inclusion of implementing regulations in the comprehensive plan but rather to require identification of those programs, activities, and land development regulations that will be part of the strategy for implementing the comprehensive plan and the principles that describe how the programs, activities, and land development regulations will be carried out. The plan shall establish meaningful and predictable standards for the use and development of land and provide meaningful guidelines for the content of more detailed land development and use regulations.

(a) The comprehensive plan shall consist of elements as described in this section, and may include optional elements.

(b) A local government may include, as part of its adopted plan, documents adopted by reference but not incorporated verbatim into the plan. The adoption by reference must identify the title and author of the document and indicate clearly what provisions and edition of the document is being adopted.

(c) The format of these principles and guidelines is at the discretion of the local government, but typically is expressed in goals, objectives, policies, and strategies.
(d) The comprehensive plan shall identify procedures for monitoring, evaluating, and appraising implementation of the plan.

(please see the Statute for further details). In addition, there is an element of the Comprehensive Plan called the Land Development Code, which details how the Comprehensive Plan will be implemented. Our Land Development Code, found at this link, was codified for the first time in 2017.