Code of Ordinances

Local laws that have been passed by the Town Council are called ordinances. They are mostly compiled into a "codified" book of law by Municipal Code Corporation. Our Town Charter is found at this link. Please click here for the complete set of searchable, codified ordinances and charter for the Town of Indian River Shores. The Municipal Code website contains all of our approved ordinances.

Many inquiries are received about the Town's requirement for garaging trucks, boats and campers. That answer may be found in the Land Development Code, which was first codified by Municipal Code in 2017 and is current at this link.

The Comprehensive Plan was last published in 2020 and approved by the State in 2021, as shown in this Notice of Intent letter.

For more information on the Comprehensive Plan or Land Development Code, please click here

Ordinances or Resolutions in Process Status


Indian River County Local Mitigation Strategy 2020 Approved Plan