Town Financials

Chapter 218.39 of the Florida Statutes, requires an independent certified public accountant's financial audit of the municipalities in the State. The requirement is met within 6 months following the year end close. The opinion of the auditors has been included in the report titled Audited Annual Financial Report. In addition to meeting the requirement set forth in the State Statutes, when applicable the audits are designed to meet the requirements of the federal Single Audit Act of 1984 and related OMB Circular A-128. The auditors' reports on the general purpose financial statements and combining and individual fund statements and schedules are included in the financial section of the report.

Audited Annual Financial Reports

Audited Financial Statements September 30, 2021

Audited Financial Statements September 30, 2020

Audited Financial Statements September 30, 2019

Past Annual Financial Reports are available upon request.

State Annual Financial Reports

Section 218.32, Florida Statues, requires each local government to submit an annual financial report to the State Chief Financial Officer (CFO) within 9 months of fiscal year end. Each local governmental entity's website must provide a link to the CFO website to view the entity's annual financial report.