April 2021 Updated November 2021

Dear Town Resident,

The Town of Indian River Shores is always concerned for the safety and well-being of its residents, especially regarding flooding and disaster related losses in our community. Consequently, we continue to take precautions to reduce flood related damage. This letter is our annual reminder that flood and storm advice is offered to our residents for free. Please do not hesitate to contact the Town staff with any of your storm or flood related questions or concerns.

Property Flooding Concern? Contact the Building Department staff, who are available at your request to visit your property, to assess your flood or stormwater concerns, to answer your questions and to explore potential solutions. This is a free Town service.
Call 772.231.4453 or email inspections@irshores.com

Property Flood Elevation and Risks? Contact the Town’s Floodplain Coordinator who can provide you, at no cost, with maps and information about your property related to FEMA designated flood elevations, hurricane flooding events, and extreme tidal events.
Call 772.473.4099 or email CRSIRShores@coastalwide.com

Flood and storm information can also be found on the Town’s website www.irshores.com under the ”Flood” Tab.

The Town continues to implement programs and procedures to reduce the impacts of flooding, and to educate our residents on the importance of flood awareness and protection. As residents, you can also prepare for potential storm related hazards by securing your home against flooding and considering purchasing or increasing current coverage of flood insurance to protect your home from unmitigated potential flood related damage.

Brian T. Foley, Mayor
Town of Indian River Shores