Community Rating System Floodplain Management Plan Progress Report 2017

Town of Indian River Shores, Florida. NF1P NUMBER- 120121

  1. Name of the CRS Floodplain Management Plan (LMS or other):
    • Indian River County Unified Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)
  2. Date adopted:
    • October 22, 2015 (Current)
  3. Location where copies are made available for review:
    • Indian River County Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners’ Office
      1801 27th Street Bldg A, Rm. 801 Executive Offices
      Vero Beach, FL 32960
  4. Summarize any floods that occurred during the year (if any):
    • Public Works succeeded in the repair and cleanout of storm drains in Pebble Bay. The issue has been resolved.
    • Old Winter Beach Road west of State Road A1A to Jungle Trail was submerged with storm water up to, during and for days following Hurricane Matthew. The town has undertaken a big project to alleviate the flooding in this area.
  5. What impact did the floods have on the repetitive loss area:
    • None
  6. List each element of the original plan and note how much was accomplished during the previous year:
    The new Town Master Storm Water Drainage Plan was completed May 2017, which assists in the process of inspecting all outflows within Town limits. The storm water plan allows the Town to understand the storm water systems currently in place and helps the Town to develop strategies necessary to meet current regulatory pollution reduction targets as well as identify areas of concern for the lagoon.
    • The work to improve drainage conditions eliminating hazardous ponding in front of the Public Safety Building on Fred Tuerk Drive was successfully completed. The existing inlets that had historically discharged to the existing swale were redirected to the existing FDOT drainage pipe to discharge into the Estuary’s permitted retention system south of Fred Tuerk Drive. There have been no further issues.
    • The Town successfully obtained a grant through the Department of Emergency Management for $637,500 to aid in rebuilding Old Winter Beach Road west of State Road A1A to Jungle Trail. This will allow the town to rebuild the area at a higher elevation and treat storm water sheet-flowing along the .6-mile roadway with installation of a treatment train that is estimated to remove 80% of the storm water nutrients. Currently, 500 residents only have one viable option for a hurricane evacuation route from their homes to access A1A and SR 510 out to I95 from the barrier island. This funding assistance will guarantee its residents safe evacuation passage prior to and after storms and by elevating the roadway and installing the treatment train, will also remove harmful pollutants from the Indian River Lagoon.
    • The Town continues to participate in the CRS program and currently maintains a Class 6 rating which qualifies residents in a SFHA with a 20% reduction on their flood insurance premiums. Residents receive news alerts containing flooding, disaster preparedness and drainage system maintenance, Town updates routinely through e-mail and on the Town’s website. In addition, literature is available at the Town Building Department and the Indian River County Public Library.
    • The Town Public Works Director continues to work closely with property owners and contractors maintaining the drainage system and swales keeping it free of debris. Visits to properties are routinely done to assist homeowners with any potential flood problems and prevention. Construction is in full swing within the Town, and staff does routine inspections to open jobsites ensuring contractors are following proper procedure in regards to erosion control and site specific drainage plans.
  7. Were any objectives not reached or is implementation behind schedule? If so, state why:
    • None
  8. Should new projects be started or should any of the recommendations or objectives be revised:
    • The Town of Indian River Shores has no new objectives or recommendations for the Indian River County LMS. The Town continues to work closely with Indian River County to ensure compliance with the federal hazard mitigation planning standards.
    • The Town continues to work closely with state and local agencies for each BMAP including Indian River Shores Central IRL basin to assemble future storm water improvement projects for possible funding.
  9. Progress Report discussed and/or made available at a public meeting (attach copy of the minutes as documentation).
    • The progress report was presented to the Town Council in their packets for the May 17, 2018 meeting and copies of this report and CRS/NPDES pamphlets were made available to the public and media.
      For more information contact: Liz Mahon, CRS Coordinator, 772-231-4453
      Town of Indian River Shores
      6001 North A1A Indian River Shores, FL 32963