Election Information

Town residents (Districts 14, 15, and 16) will be voting three times in 2020: March 17, Florida's Presidential Preference Primary (by registered party vote only); August 18, Primary elections to determine each political party's candidate; and November 3, the Presidential & General election, when there will be 3 open Town Council seats.

Voting by absentee (mail in) ballot may be done by requesting a form online from the Supervisor of Elections office, by printing a request form out from their website, by calling 772-226-3845 and they will complete the form for you, or by visiting their office at 4375 43rd Avenue to either pick one up to mail or complete it there.

Sample Ballots for the August primary election are available now on the Supervisor of Elections website. You may also download the Republican, Democrat or Nonpartisan ballots here.

For detailed information on County-wide elections, absentee or mail-in ballots, voter registration, changes to your information, and much more, please visit voteindianriver.com or call (772) 226-3440.

Precinct & Districts

Indian River Shores residents and those who live north of Town limits on Orchid Island vote at the Indian River Shores Community Center at 6001 Highway A1A (facing Fred R. Tuerk Drive). This is Precinct 16.

The Sebastian Inlet Tax District 209.2 does apply to almost 600 voters who live north of Old Winter Beach Road in Indian River Shores.

The complete 2012 district maps are here. Residents in Indian River Shores are in the following Districts:

LOCAL: Indian River County Commissioner District 5.

STATE: District 54 for State (House) Representative & District 17 for State Senator

NATIONAL: Congressional District 8 (No districts for Senators)

You may want to explore the Florida Division of Elections website , which has an interesting "Media Room" page that may help you research different topics associated with elections.


Recent Elections & Referendum Info

Town Council elections in November 2018 resulted in Brian Foley and Jesse "Sam" Carroll being seated. The next election will have seats available that are occupied by Mayor Tom Slater, Vice Mayor Bob Auwaerter, and Councilmember Debbi Peniston, as two have indicated that they will not seek reelection and the other has qualified to run for another office. Please see the Town Council page for current elected official's information.

About referendums. On occasion, a question to the citizens may be placed on a ballot during an election, which requires prior approval by the Town Council. A charter change, for instance, would require an ordinance with two separate readings at Council meetings to provide an opportunity for the public to address the issue. Another example is if the Council wanted to determine the electorate's opinion on a matter, it may initiate an advisory referendum. Since referendums are only included on a ballot with Town Council approval, a citizen of the Town who desired to initiate a referendum would have to request that the matter be heard at a Council meeting to gain their approval, as it would have some level of financial impact on the Town.

Registered voters: 3,436 in August '08; 3,529 in November '10; 3,488 in '12; 3,591 in '13; 3,672 in March '16; 3,746 in April '17; 3,876 in June '18; 3,929 in November '18; and 4,046 in January 2020