About the Town's Community Center


The Community Center is open for rental.

Reservations are being accepted

Neve Hall, nhall@irspsd.org in Public Safety currently manages the facility.

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For directions to the Community Center, click here.

AA meeting information is available here

Note: The Center has folding tables and at least 120 padded chairs for your use inside the building. There are 8 (5') round tables, 6 (6') rectangular tables and 12 (3') square tables.

Design Information

For the floor plan, click here

CCtr Floor Plan extract 2019a.JPG

Interior Photos

2019 Foyer to main area
2019 main space front to back view
2019 view from main room looking towards front entry
2019 foyer by kitchen doors on right at entry
2019 kitchen - long view from pass-through window
2019-9-9 kitchen towards entry from pass-through window

Exterior Photos

IR Shores Town Hall Aerial shows beach 1 block away (parking only at the facility)
Reconstructed Community Center August 2019
Front of Community Center faces Fred R. Tuerk Drive
Circular driveway west side
Circular driveway with covered entry
Back porch has paver access to grass and ceiling fans
Back view from the porch