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Please, for your safety, please make sure you have enabled IRC Emergency Management text alerts via this link.

It is the primary alert system and informational update service for all residents of the County.

For storm debris clean-up, consult your HOA, lawn care company or if you have Republic Service yard waste service, click here

+~+  Keep storm drains clear of debris!  Make sure no leaves, sticks or other matter is blown or swept into the gutters or curbing. +~+

The National Hurricane Center website shows active Atlantic Tropical Cyclones & Disturbances and the latest tracking maps.

RESIDENTS ARE ADVISED to stay alert. To check current status, follow any of the National links below.

Please click here for the 2017 Hurricane Preparation Guide.

Please NOTE:  Indian River County Emergency Management offers to send Safety alerts via text or email.  Click here for the most recent Alerts.   

Please click here to register your cell phone number and/or e-mail address.

These alerts may be issued for a missing person, a safety concern, a weather-related event, or for an important newsworthy item.

Click here to see if you are in a flood zone.  (All of the barrier island is Zone A evacuation zone)

Other Emergency Resources:  Local         


Here's the 2016 season highlights:

  • We ended 2016 well above the long-term average number of named storms (12) with 15, and exceeded the long term average number of hurricanes by one with 7.
  • There was an average number categorized as major (Gaston, Matthew and Nicole).
  • The first named storm (Alex) was an 85 mph hurricane in January! The season ended with Otto late in November.
  • Hurricane Matthew was our number one impact this season.  Please click here for the map graphic showing the paths of each of the storms.

Storm Names for 2017

Arlene  Gert  Maria  Tammy
Bret  Harvey Nate  Vince
Cindy  Irma  Ophelia  Whitney
Don  Jose Phillippe
Emily  Katia  Rina
Franklin Lee Sean

Storm names for the current season that are highlighted have formed and/or passed.

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