Police-Fire Pension Reports

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In accordance with Florida Statutes, the following is hereby provided as it pertains to the Indian River Shores Police-Fire Defined Benefit Pension Plan.  

Actuarial Summary Fact Sheets are found at this link for all 420 municipalities monitored by the Florida Department of Management Services, including the Town. 

Indian River Shores Police-Fire Defined Benefit Pension Information 
GASB 67 & 68, Sustainability & Funding Annual Reporting
Requirement per Florida Statute 112.664
Annual Report on Investment Activity per FS 112.661(15) Actual Expenses
FYE 9-30-17 FYE 9-30-17 FYE 16-17 
FYE 9-30-16 FYE  9-30-16 FYE 15-16
FYE 9-30-15    FYE 14-15


5-Yr Asset Allocation & Comparative Performance (aka 60T)

FYE 2015 Aggregate Fixed Income Factsheet     FYE 2015 Disciplined Value Factsheet (net) 

The performance of the accounts from inception, June 11, 2013 with Manning & Napier through January 31, 2016 are as follows:

 Indian River Shores Firefighters & Police Officers Pension Fixed Income 2.2%      
 Indian River Shores Firefighters & Police Officers Pension Disciplined Value 6.54%

Fact sheets that show five year performance for each of the composites.

 The asset allocation is 60% Equity and 40% Fixed Income.

 While past performance cannot guarantee future results, an estimated long term return (30+ year) of 8%-10% for the equity portion and 2%-3% for the fixed income portion is reasonable.

 John Mann III, CPA, Vice President/Client Consultant - Manning & Napier 

Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement

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