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Local laws that have been passed by the Town Council are called ordinances.  They are mostly* compiled into a "codified" book of law by Municipal Code Corporation. Please click here for the complete set of searchable, codified ordinances for the Town of Indian River Shores.  The Municipal Code website contains most, but not all, of our approved ordinances.  
Many inquiries are received about the Town's requirement for garaging trucks, boats and campers.  That answer may be found in the Land Development Code, which has a search field just above the printed PDF page.  Please click here for the Land Development Code as last updated June 2016.
The Comprehensive Plan as last published in 1990 is here: 
Ordinances or Resolutions in Process      Status                   

 Amending LDC Table 160 Max height R2A

Passed 1st Reading 4-20-17; FINAL reading 5-25

Implementation of Water Conservation Rule SJRWMD

Passed 1st Reading 4-20-17; FINAL reading 5-25
Recently Approved Ordinances which have not been codified are: 
533 LDC Amendment to Clarify Medical Office Definition
532 P-F Pension Add DROP Provision
531 Political/Election Signs
529 Commercial Vehicle Parking
528 Small Scale Comp. Plan Development Amendment to Rezoning Town 5 Acre Property
527 Amend Police Fire Defined Benefit Pension Plan Document (Please click here for the 2016 Plan Document)
526 Annexation of ½ East Portion of 5 Acre Vacant Land
525 Turtle Signs at Beach Access Points
524 Cell Tower Height
523 Election Date and Charter Change
522 Land Development Code Update (click here for the entire Code)
521 DC Pension Amendment Eligibility & Contribution w/Adopt Agreement
520 Electric Utility Regulatory Ordinance
519 OPEB Retiree Health Insurance
518 Dog Friendly Dining
517 Police-Firefighters Pension Plan Restated Plan Document
516 Comp Plan Amendment Lot 1 Beachcomber Lane R1A to C1A
515 Qualifying Date for Council Set 2nd Mon. in Jan.
514 Gen EE DB Pension Clarify Final Pay Calculation
513 Fertilizer Use and Application
512 Amending General Employee DB Pension Plan
511 Amending General Employee DB Pension Plan
510 Parking, Keeping, Storing Trucks, Boats, & Trailers
509 Flood Hazard Maps Development in Zones A-V
508 Florida Friendly Fertilizer, Chapter 101 - Environment Added
507 Firearms Change - Conform to State Law
506 Special Revenue Funds
504 Defined Benefit Pension Amendment
503 Lot Clearing Exemption & Buffer
502 Landscaping Around Fences
501 Communications Services Tax Increase
499 Ordinance number not used
496 Flood Damage Prevention 
495 LDC Comp Plan, School Concurrency
            Notable or Recently Approved Resolutions
Resolution # Title

Date Approved

17-02 Opposing Legislation Relating to Business Tax 3-23-17
17-01 Opposing Legislation that Impinges on Munic.  Home Rule Authority 3-23-17


Correcting 16-02 Plan Checking Fee 12-15-16


Establishing a Law Enforcement Forfeiture Fund 11-17-16


Indian River Lagoon Regional Compact 5-25-16


Building Permit Fee Revised Schedule 3-28-16

16-01 R

FL Inland Navigation Dist (FIND) Grant PSD Boat Replacement 3-28-16


Final Amendment to the Budget for Fiscal Year End 2015 11-19-15


Town Support of County Local Mitigation Strategy 10-22-15

15-07 & 08

Final FY 15-16 Millage & Budget 9-24-15
15-05 & 06 Tentative FY15-16 Millage & Budget 9-11-15
15-04 Support for Continuation of One-Cent Discretionary Sales Surtax 9-24-15
15-03 {Personnel Related} 5-21-15
15-02 Permittted Retail Uses at 6000 SR A1A 3-26-15
15-01 FMPA Audit & Response to Vero for FMPA 2-2-15
14-12 Final Budget Adjustment FY14 11-19-14
14-11 Against All Aboard Florida Cost Impact 11-19-14
14-06 - 09
 FY15 Tentative & Final Millage & Budget
14-05 Initiating Intergov. Conflict Resol.with CoVB 7-18-14
14-03 Septic to Sewer  4-24-14
13-12 Public Input at Meetings 12-13-13
13-02 Reaffirm Support Ban on Texting (11-08) 2-28-13
13-01 Supporting Sale/Purchase of Vero Electric Utility 1-24-13
12-01 Adopting Water Agreement with City of VB
11-08 Supporting Ban on Texting  While Driving

* Ordinances of a temporary or special nature, or one promising or guaranteeing payment of money to or by the town, regarding bonds or evidence of indebtedness, contractual obligation or relating to franchises or action by the Council to any person or corporation are not codified.
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