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UPDATED 4-17-17
  • The  5-acre property between Surf Lane and Pebble Beach Villas:  Town Council determined on 1-26-17 to surplus the property, which had been rezoned by Ordinance No. 528 in June 2016.    At the Special Called meeting on February 1, the Council approved recommendations to sell the property via public auction.  The PZV Board heard plans from the auction firm on February 13th at 2 pm with anticipated parcels available for purchase in May.  The Town Council VOTED on PZV Board Recommendations on February 23 as follows:  1) moved the auction date to May 6 & agreed to pay up to $17,500 marketing expenses; 2) have a 5' right-of-way subject to the County's approval of dune crossover access; 3) approved dividing the property into a maximum of 3 East-West lots; 4) placed a maximum density of 15 units on the 5-acre parcel; and 5) deed-restricted each of the 3 lots prohibiting subdividing into less than one main house and up to 2 smaller dwelling units with a max 2000 sf under air. On March 9 a Special Called Meeting to reconsider items 2, 4 & 5 above.  The results:  2) remained, 4) & 5) were rescinded and now the LDC is in effect.  At the March 23 meeting, the marketing budget was adjusted.
  • Turtle nesting season runs from March 1 and continues through October 31.  Please see this page with details.
  • Watering restrictions using City water (non-reuse) limits lawn sprinklers based on Daylight Savings Time changes.  Please find detailed information on the Utility Information page of our website.
  • Indian River Shores is the SAFEST city in Florida!  This article in the TC Palm on May 4, 2016 shows the results by Alarm System Reviews, a Virginia-based security industry website. Another study by a company that reports burgular alarm statistics names the Town as #2 safest from burglaries in the state.  Our residents are safe, well cared for and well protected thanks to the Town's Public Safety Department's triple-certified police, fire and paramedic/EMT staff.
  • Preliminary work to site the cell tower in the Town is proceeding. Datapath Communications and their engineer came and pinpointed the 50' x 50' area just northeast of the Town's Maintenance/Garage building, and the tower will be on the southeast quarter of that plot.  All surveys are complete.  Please see the page on this website devoted solely to this matter  

  • Many calls have been received regarding vacation or short term rentals, which the Town is largely prohibited from regulating by the State.  In 2011, the State lawmakers passed a law that "A local law,ordinance or regulation may not prohibit vacation rentals or regulate the duration or frequency of vacation rentals."  This has resulted in many municipalities receiving complaints about short term rentals.  An ordinance was discussed in August 2016, which was tabled indefinitely.  Complaints received by the Town have been minimal.
  • Remember to check for information about the electric utility rate relief issue with the City of Vero Beach on this page.  Our residents north of Old Winter Beach Road are served by FPL, and the other two thirds are served by the City of Vero Beach Electric.
  • Did you know that the Town's ad valorem tax rate of 1.7186 is in the lowest 10% of rates in the State, of 388 municipalities.  Only 10% of your total tax bill comes to the Town; roughly 50% goes towards schools, and 20% towards the County. 
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