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UPDATED 6-12-18
  • The Community Center has been demolished, and will be rebuilt over the next several months.  
  • An FDoT meeting will be held to discuss the A1A milling & resurfacing project in July.  Please check July 10 on the calendar on this page under the Government - Town Meetings page for details.  Part of this project is the fully actuated (weight-tripped or pedestrian button) traffic light at Fred Tuerk Drive/ Beachcomber Lane as recommended for safe crossing by the Florida Dept. of Transportation.  It is expected to be functional by the end of 2018.
  • The County Tax Collector is offering quarterly installment payments on 2018 real estate and tangible property tax.  More info.
  • FEMA has released the preliminary new Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).  The local risk of flooding has changed and there are steps you can take to protect your home from extensive damage ofen caused by flooding.  The 90 day appeal process begins around late April / early May, which is followed by a 6-month adoption/compliance period. The FEMA website has the preliminary maps.  The Town maps are in 0232J, 0234J, 0242J, 0253J, and 0261J.
  • All 19 of the required FMPA member cities have approved the sale of Vero's electric utility to FPL as of 2-26-18.  Click here to read the article
  • The cell tower was erected the week of February 6th.  We have AT & T under contract for second tier on the tower now.  Residents are encouraged to contact their carrier (especially Verizon) about when it will be functional. It's up to Verizon to schedule their staff to place their equipment at this point.  It was delivered and the process went smoothly to place the sections and branches.  A concrete foundation was poured 12-16-17 and "cured" for a month.  The permit to proceed with construction was obtained 11-6-17 by Datapath Communications, who has has been actively involved since early 2015 in siting and construction of the 115' tower.  It will be located in the area just northeast of the Town's Maintenance/Garage building, and the tower will be on the southeast quarter of that plot. It will be built to the highest safety standards and will be as esthetically pleasing as possible.  Please see the page on this website devoted solely to this matter 

Completed 115 ft monopine cell tower

  •  We are pleased to report that the Town successfully competed for and was awarded two grants that will cover roughly 75% of the $1.4 million project to correct flooding and drainage issues along Old Winter Beach Road.  Construction on the improvement began early April.  Click on this link for project information.
  • Watering restrictions using City water (non-reuse) limits lawn sprinklers based on Daylight Savings Time changes.  Please find detailed information on the Utility Information page of our website.
  • Indian River Shores is a SAFE city in Florida!  This article in the TC Palm on May 4, 2016 shows the results by Alarm System Reviews, a Virginia-based security industry website.  Safewise, another company that calculates safety using FBI Uniform Crime Reports, rated it as #2 in October 2017, as does Niche as #2 safest place to live in Florida.  Our residents are safe, well cared for and well protected thanks to the Town's Public Safety Department's triple-certified police, fire and paramedic/EMT staff.
  • Turtle nesting season runs from March 1 and continues through October 31.  Please see this page with details. 
  • Remember to check for information about the electric utility rate relief issue with the City of Vero Beach on this page.  Our residents north of Old Winter Beach Road are served by FPL, and the other two thirds are served by the City of Vero Beach Electric. 
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