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Google map of the area 

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Street map inside Town limits

Communities map                                This area is served by the Indian River Chamber of Commerce.

FEMA Flood Zone map

This portion of the Treasure Coast is largely residential, located on a portion of North Hutchison Island which is called Orchid Island in Indian River County.  Across from the municipal complex there are Village Shops, a quaint boutique shopping area with Citron Bistro, as well as an office building adjacent to the CVS Pharmacy and 7-11 convenience store.

Public Transportation is available in Indian River County through the Go-Line System.  It stops south of Town at the Village Beach Market as a special stop only.  To arrange for transportation  from the Village Market, you must call 569-0903 at least 1 hour ahead.  There is no set fee to ride; donations to support this bus system are welcomed.  For more information on routes and times, visit http://www.golineIRT.com.  

John's Island Cemetery.  The Town was granted the property containing the cemetery in John's Island.  There are no plots for casket burial or cremation available for purchase except what is occasionally sold back to the Town. If you visit your loved ones there, you are reminded that it is governed by Section 93.05 of the Code of Ordinances, which prohibits planted flowers, flower pots, bushes and decorative memorabilia which could be subject to removal by our Public Works Department.  Anything not disposed of upon retrieval of the site is kept in the Town's Maintenance Building for a short time.  Call 231-1771, extension 121 for more information.

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