FEMA Current & Proposed Flood Maps

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The agency known as FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, has been in the process of updating the Preliminary Flood Maps (FIRM - Flood Insurance Rate Map) based on a Flood Insurance Study (FIS) since 2017.  Preliminary maps were distributed in September 2017 to local offiicals. 

A Flood Risk Open House will be held by representatives from FEMA and the Florida Department of Emergency Management (FDEM) on March 21, 2018 at Sebastian River High School off County Road 510 close to County Road 512 from 4-7 p.m.  This meeting is to explain how and why the local risk of flooding has changed, how the new proposed FIRMs will be used, and steps you can take to protect your home from extensive damage often caused by floods.  It's an informal open house, with no presentations made or formal questions/statements from the public.

From the north to south boundaries of Indian River Shores:   
MAP legend
Baytree to N. Ocean, The Shores, River Club
River Club to top half of Gem Island, N. Ocean, Llwyds Lane
Mid Gem Island to Oleander Way
South of Oleander Way, Fred Tuerk, West River Oak
The Estuary to South Border 
Appx 500 Beach Rd JI to Ocean Colony
Estuary, Robles, Ocean Colony to Surf Lane
South end Pebble Bay & Pebble Beach Villas, 7-11

Compare the current map from 2013 to the above specific aerial maps for Indian River Shores.  You may also view the large format PDF's for yourself from this FEMA link.

There could be changes to the maps as presented based on the comments/concerns addressed at public meetings.  The implementation of the final maps will take at least 9-10 months after the March 2018 meeting.      

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