2019 Town Council Minutes

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These are the planned meeting dates for the Town Council in 2018. Most meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. unless the Council determines by motion at a prior meeting to a different date or time. As the minutes are approved, normally at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting, they are posted with a link to the date.  The November and December meetings are tentative dates, which will be confirmed as the holiday season approaches.

All approved minutes from the Council meetings as well as from boards or committees are kept in the Town Clerk's office (Planning, Zoning & Variance Board; Finance Committee; Police-Fire Pension Board; Code Enforcement Board).

January 4 Special Called Town Council - Town Mgr. Candidate Options
January 24 Regular Town Council Meeting
January 31 Special Called Town Manager Contract
February 1 Special Called OWB Rd Reclamation Change Order
February 11 Special Called Recognition of CEO & Appt. Collec. Barg Team
February 28 Regular Town Council Meeting
March 28 Regular Town Council Meeting
April 22 (not 25) Regular Town Council Meeting
May 23 Regular Town Council Meeting
TBD Budget Workshop
June 27 Regular Town Council Meeting
July 25 Regular Town Council Meeting
August 22 Regular Town Council Meeting
September TBD First Budget Public Hearing
September 26 Regular Town Council Meeting (3:30)
September 26 Second Budget Public Hearing (5:01)
October 24 Regular Town Council Meeting
November 14* Regular Town Council Meeting
December 12* Regular Town Council Meeting

* Adjusted for the holidays

Charter Section 2-9, Meetings:
(a) Regular. The town council shall meet regularly at least once each month at such times and places as the town council shall direct.
(b) Special. Special meetings may be called by the mayor or any three council members upon no less than 24 hous' notice to each member of the town council; provided, that in the event of an emergency, the mayor may call a special meeting of the town council without such notice. No business shall be conducted at a special meeting other than stated in the notice calling such meeting. Business at an emergency special meeting called by the mayor, without notice, shall be limited to matters dealing with the emergency.

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